A Texas Two-Step to Wellness



A Texas Two Step Wellness- -I was really proud of kind of the people there, the vibe there. But I thought there’s a second step to this. We need to address whatever we’re coming out of. We need to really look at our wounds, at our family of origin issues. Also,  the experiences we’ve had and things people have said to us and just the spiritual warfare going on in the world. It’s crazy. So we need to be aware of that or we’re just going to be, it’s kind of like building a house on ground that seems firm but really has quicksand underneath it. You know, if there’s a pit underneath what you’re trying to build on, it’s probably eventually, going to fall into it. You really need to figure out what’s going on underneath the surface before you try to build on that but you don’t just want to stop there.

So they did address it well but I have experienced things and you know, trainings and people’s concepts and conferences where they don’t really talk about the step 2 and it’s all very you know, you come around, you focus on your healing. You focus on your own healing. You talk more about your healing and you talk more about your experiences and you talk more about the trauma. It’s this cycle of kind of essentially self-pity. And I’m almost not convinced that healing has happened unless we can move beyond that. So then I come to this conference this weekend and this is a Beachbody team conference. If any of you are familiar with the Beachbody company, the energy here is just off the charts.

People are literally working out to hip hop music and laser lights. It’s crazy and the content here is all very nice. You have the tools, you have everything it takes to make your life what you want it to be. You can transform your health, you can transform your relationships, you can transform your life in every area.

You’ve got that power.

You’ve got, I like to call it, personal responsibility. It is a personal superpower basically, because you’ve got the ability to create change in your own life.

So it’s very like, move forward pro and just go and commit and all this kind of stuff which is awesome because I think that’s step two. But if we just jump straight there, we can sometimes not be aware of how hard it’s going to be to get there because maybe we do have some wounds that are keeping us in cycle so we do have some limiting self beliefs that maybe we do need to go address whatever experiences or perhaps, past relationships or family issues caused that and then we can build this house on stable ground.

So it’s just a thought for you. You kind of head into this weekend and I don’t know where you are in your life. I don’t know what areas you’re wanting to improve but and I called this the Texas two-step I wanted to tell you that too. We went out for a dinner for this conference Beachbody team last night to this is kind of cool Texas country bar. There was karaoke and there was a couple. They’re doing the Texas two-step which is the first dance my husband taught me. Probably because it’s so simple and I had no idea what I was doing. You just hold on and it’s literally two steps in one direction, one step back but this is kind of that two-step process that I think both steps are actually required for true wellness.

There’s always room for improvement!

You’ve got to look at the wounds. Look at why the heck do you have self sabotaging cycles? Where are your tendencies coming from, what caused that and you know, really deal with that. Do a lot of forgiveness work. Really work on that and then build forward. Don’t just be like, “Okay, I think I’m in a good place and I’m just going to kind of live my life and I think I’ve gotten over the anger or whatever I had toward other people.”

Build something positive on that foundation of now being healthy and whole. Keep going. Move forward. Do something incredible. You have no idea how much power you have to create so many fabulous things in your life going to step into a bear calling but if you just try to step into a calling and you haven’t dealt with your junk, it’s probably going to bite you in the rear. So one step. Deal with the stuff down there. Two step, build something amazing on top of that health and wholeness.


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