Cheap and Chic Valentine’s Date Dresses

I consider Valentine’s Day a kind of ‘birthday’ of my relationship, and of my identity as a lover, and a woman who is healthy and flourishing in her intimate relationships. I use the date as a ‘check in’ to see how my marriage is doing, how my heart toward my husband and his toward me is feeling, and how our sex life is going.

And every year, I like to see positive, forward progress! 😉

To represent constant new growth, I love buying a new dress for whatever evening we’ve chosen as our ‘Valentine’s Date Night.’

Which means I don’t really want to break the bank each year, I just want something that feels like a new and current evolution of this area of my identity, and festive and fresh.

Something that I will love being in and that might make my husband’s eyebrows raise a little bit.. in a good way 😉

This year, I’m flying up to join David in DC, so the excitement of a mini reunion adds to the fun and I definitely want to pull out all the stops and grab something new!

With that in mind, this year I took to Amazon to look for a cheap and fun, flattering new flashy date night dress. And I was impressed!

Here are 11 dresses I found, mostly red, although one playing to the current white lace trend, and all under $40! (Click the images to learn more and purchase!)

I love the asymmetrical lace edges on this one! Very ‘I’m not trying to be chic but I can’t help it…’!

Technically modest but absolutely stunning! With stilettos this would kill it!

Uh oh, this might be for married women only! When I wear something this racy, I wear opaque black stockings or even leggings with it, and keep a long tux-style jacket on at the restaurant! It can come off when you get back home 😉

So classy and elegant! I love the boat neck and the full twirly skirt!

Very lovely lace in a looser cut, with long sleeves in case you’re spending V day in a chilly area!

The short sleeved version, with a much bolder lace contrast print! This is one I am seriously considering!

A fun skater style take on a red lace dress! Very cute, but you definitely want to have opaque stockings or leggings with a skirt that’s short like this.

Off-the-shoulder is one of the most flattering (and trending!) necklines, and this skirt is too fun! What I do with a hemline that’s flirty like this is wear long-ish black lace shorts underneath – it looks like a fun and flirty part of the dress, but makes sure nothing flashes anyone. 😉

A dark ‘femme fatale’ stunner! This is a contender for this year as well! Show off some killer bright nails with it too!

Super body-hugging, so maybe buy one size up, but what a neat cut! You only need earrings with this!

And to finish, that white lace alternative – so lovely and ladylike, but definitely still white hot!

As you get dressed up this Valentine’s Day, remember this – you are not putting on a costume or pretending to be something you’re not by dressing well.

You are expressing a perhaps neglected but very present and important part of your identity as a woman: Sexy, stunning, and the source of life and inspiration!

Have a beautiful night, gorgeous!



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