Why I Don’t Set a New Years Resolution for My Body

Hey, Gorgeous!

So, tough question time: how are those New Years resolutions coming?

If you’re down with the VLX process for entering a new year, you know we don’t really set resolutions here.

Instead, we reflect on what went well in the past year, what we’d like to tweak in the coming year, and most important: what we feel God calling us to.

Then we schedule it in!

This is part of the extensive process we walked through in our 2017 Intentions Virtual Retreat.

But here’s a secret: when I’m thinking about my future these days, I barely even consider my body.

It just doesn’t even occur to me.

Why is it that I don’t have to think about my body?

Because I have fully figured out how to think about it, feel about, understand its role in God’s plan, and care for it – for good.

Now this was NOT the case for years (and years and years!)

I wasted SO MUCH time fighting my body. Stressing and obsessing over it. Researching and trying and failing at every diet out there.

And most people don’t even believe that I was once almost 50 pounds above my natural weight.

In fact, weight loss or some other variation of beating my body into what I wanted it to be was at the top of my list of resolutions each year for a long time.

So to now be in fabulous health – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – around my body, is no small deal for me!

What about you?

Is your relationship with your body one of peace, where you know that your health and your thoughts about it are what God longs for for you?

Or is there still struggle, stress, and sadness around this area of your life?

If the latter is the case (or the former, but you’re still interested in some great new tips!), can I share something with you?

Join me for a free Healthy, Holy, Hot video training series,  and let’s talk about how to be free from this stress and body overwhelm for good.

May 2017 not be ‘more of the same’ in this area for you, Gorgeous – I want FREEDOM in your body for you so deeply!

Love and Freedom to you, and may 2017 be your best year yet!


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