A Lifestyle of Financial Flexibility


A Lifestyle of Financial Flexibility


Hey, ladies!

This is not a topic that I had planned to get in-depth on but I hear about it so much with women that this is the sticking point and then, being able to outsource so that their everyday home lives aren’t stressful or to be able to afford the kind of high quality food or workouts and help that they need.

I want a greater amount of financial flexibility for all of you.



I was in this beautiful chic restaurant in Destin, Florida with my husband and my daughter. We’re staying on a military base for like 40 or 60 bucks a night. It’s a suite but it’s cheap and because my husband’s in the military.

So we’re not rolling in dough and we make financial decisions based on our values. And we don’t mind staying half an hour from the beach with plenty of room and the affordable way so we could have a nice dinner on the water. I just want you guys to be able to have even the flexibility to make decisions like that.

And I definitely would love for you to be able to have the flexibility. I would love for you to be able to take a vacation with your family when you want or just take a day off or take a whole month off and I know that might sound absurd but because this topic is about bringing in some side income, I would love for you to realize that it’s actually possible and this isn’t some kind of crazy promise or anything.

It’s just a matter of strategy and awareness.



There are some side income opportunities like walking someone’s dog or maybe you can bake things for people. I would love for you to think

location independent and what that generally means is online. I just want to encourage you to think online and realize, you don’t have to quit your full-time job and create a lifestyle where you never step into an office again.




I cannot tell you what it is meant for me to be able to run my business and ministry online.

My husband and I were married in Dallas but met and lived in DC right after we were married for a couple years. I worked at a church and then when he had to move to Tampa, Florida for a new assignment, I went with him and I thought, “Well maybe I can turn this ministry that I’ve been doing for the girls of this church into a business. Into an actual life coaching business” And it’s worked and it’s been location independent as a military wife. That means everything.

I work from laptops on airplanes and in basements and in lots of base hotels and the back seat of a car and my parents’ house, in his parents’ house and everywhere we’ve gone together in the sloppiness of constantly moving.

I have been able to continually serve people and continually bring in revenue and that is slowly building to a point where I’m actually able to treat the family a little bit to some nice things and all the while, I know I’m helping people. It’s kind of one of those beautiful things where, I know I’m helping more people because I’m bringing in more revenue because of the kind of stuff that I’m doing.



I love this idea of financial independence.

If you don’t already have an idea in mind, please consider something online. Not only are the possibilities just astounding. There are lots of behind-the-scenes ways to still be working on the internet. But just the fact that you can do it from anywhere at any time, time zone doesn’t matter.

You can even set it up in ways that you’re serving people where you don’t have to directly help. Maybe you’re selling an e-book or something where you’ve got information that you have figured out. And maybe that information you have figured out is something which someone else desperately needs. That’s selling in the background while you’re in dinner or you’re asleep or you’re playing with your kids or you’re by the beach. It’s incredible what’s possible.

This can just be enough side income that you go to Starbucks without having to worry about how much a latte costs. You can buy a cute dress that’s on sale without having to figure out if you’ve got enough in your debit card or something. Or you can take a day off and not be thinking “Oh my gosh, you know my boss is going to be upset with me as my job, jeopardized and if I lose this job I have no buffer or no cushion at all.” Or maybe it’s the fact that you don’t have to work overtime.

You don’t have to do hourly rates trying to add up in order to have enough to be able to go on a vacation because you’ve got the side hustle going on that maybe adds a couple hundred or a couple thousand dollars a month but it makes a huge difference for you and your family.




 If you haven’t made up your mind yet but you feel like you would love to do something along these lines, please do consider the internet. And no, you don’t need to build a whole complicated business and brand yourself like crazy or whatever.

There are ways that you can just step into serving people. Location independent, time variable, completely. It’s life-changing. It’s incredible. Do consider the internet because you can hide behind a screen. Which, for those of you who are a little shy, is a very big deal. You can meet and reach people all over the world who need this product.

You don’t have to be famous or incredibly well-educated or super wealthy to be able to start having time and location freedom through an online side business.



That’s it for now, gorgeous – as always, let me know what you think in the comments below and let’s keep in touch! I love hearing from you!

Love and Freedom,




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