Valentine’s Day Mini Home Tour

I love Valentine’s Day almost as much as I love Christmas!

(And don’t get me wrong, that didn’t use to be the case!)

But these days, I consider February the month of Love, and regardless of what’s going on around me or who joins me, I make a point to celebrate life, my own personal growth, God, and those I love.

Plus, it’s a fabulous transition to winter white and red after the season of green and red… 😉

A little Paris love and windowsill decor

I switch out a fun banner under our Paris picture for the major holidays, and this Be Mine banner immediately had my heart ?

This little red rose tree worked beautifully for Christmas, and then when placed on this pink tray surrounded by heart shaped chocolates, it looks like it was designed for Valentine’s!

A few fresh roses on the drink bar…

And a beautiful spread of strawberries and chocolates with some brie and veggies, and we are party ready! ?❤

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