Jackie Dixon on the Vision for VLX : Freedom and Wellness for Women

Freedom and Wellness for Women

In the years I spent in the ministry field working with young women. And even just chatting with girlfriends, I noticed the same topics came up. They weren’t comfortable with their bodies. They didn’t know how to deal with their appearance. There was a continual struggle in their efforts to relate to God, themselves, their family of origin and the guys who either were or would be in their lives. I also noticed that there wasn’t much in the way of actionable and accessible teaching on these topics from a biblical perspective. So I started giving talks and doing group coaching session with these topics. Women started pouring in. Soon, my talks bringing in 50 and 60 women.

That’s when I knew I needed to do something a larger scale. To give these women the resources and encouragement they are looking for. That’s really when the idea for the elects began.


VLX is an acronym that stands for the Latin phrase,  “Veritas libera”. It’s from a Latin translation of one of my favorite bible verses, John 8: 31-32. When Christ says to those who have believed in him, “If you abide in my word, then you are truly my disciples and you will know the truth. And the truth will set you free.”

My belief is that living out the Word of God in these areas of body care, beauty and relationships really can release us in this freedom. Just like Christ promises. I’ve seen way too many women struggle on these areas. And believe me, I’ve had my share of heartaches and trials do. But now, living in greater health and wellness than I ever have.

I want to help other women walk in this freedom too. I believe the areas we focus on at VLX are pivotal parts of the Christian life and when we address how we really feel about these issues. It reveals more fundamental issues and a lot of mistaken beliefs. What some people call unconscious theology. The things we think we don’t believe but they were actually living at. Once we’ve addressed these fundamental issues, it’s like light breaking it through the darkness. And we really can’t have this health and freedom.


My vision is for a generation of women. To heal their misconceptions about their body, their beauty and their relationships. Then, to be trained and living in wellness in those areas. And finally, determine teach inspire and heal those in their lives around them.

My hope is that, VLX become a valuable tool for women who are looking for these resources where they can find the encouragement they need to move toward the songs of maturity. I’ll be writing books and articles, giving talks and seminars, producing videos and courses and coaching women who are really ready to take the next step. The most important thing you can do is start now.

I wish I hadn’t lost years, my mistaken beliefs. I thought somehow that God’s design was limiting or unfair. But when I worked through those issues with God’s grace and leading and the love of a lot of excellent people around me. I was so much healthier on the other end. I’ve seen the same thing work for every woman who was willing to reexamine what she thinks she knows and rise up again in a much more truthful biblical lifestyle.


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Our mission is to teach and heal as many women as we can and to spread a message of hope and freedom.


Love and freedom,


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