VLX TV: The Biblical Bombshell


I’m talking about a concept that I’ve developed over years of walking through my own personal journey. And watching the women in the relationships around me and wondering  who I was destined and called to become. Along the way, I’ve become convinced that all women are called and able if they choose to accept the mission to become biblical bombshells.

Now, when we think of the word bombshell. We’re used to the idea of it being a stunning woman who captures attention and has an alert that is almost indescribable. But there’s another meaning of the word bombshell which I wasn’t aware of. It’s often used to mean earth-shaking news the kind of revelation that changes the game. That is what a true biblical bombshell is about.

The True Biblical Bombshell

She is a stunning woman. Stunning in the way she cares for herself. In the way she loves those around her. Her dedication to living out the word and the message that she is here to share is the incredible truth of the gospel. She captures attention. Not only by her radiant beauty inside and out and her confident walk. Through the world with love for people who are hurting. Her grace to those in need but with an unwavering commitment to the message of grace from God through Christ.

I’m about to begin a training series that will walk you through the twelve pillars of a biblical bombshell. Starting with the most foundational and working all the way up to some of the pieces that are really just the icing on the cake. Nevertheless make for a powerful woman who is able to do incredible work in the world.

I’ll take and answer any and all of your questions about what this kind of femininity looks like, requires and can do in the world. Stay healthy, holy and hot. See you soon,beautiful!


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