Welcome to Belmont Bay! A Tour of Our Neighborhood…

Belmont Bay surrounds a little marina at the junction of the Occoquan and Potomac Rivers. The whole marina has been designed to be delightful not only for the boat owners, but the strollers like us!

A former golf course and golf club with restaurant has now become a wedding event center, and every weekend it is packed with beautiful weddings held the outdoor gazebo and receptions surrounded by Christmas lights inside.

If you follow me on my Instagram stories @JackieDixonVLX or are a member of the pure eating bombshells, you’ve probably seen my pictures of the beautiful paths through the old golf course that now serve as gorgeous walking trails.

The brick and cobblestone sidewalks and old Victorian street lamps make the marina and sidewalks feel like a little European town.

I’ll sit and drink my coffee here any time, thank you very much!

One of the things that really set the community apart when we were looking was how much care both the home owners association and the homeowners themselves put into their homes and gardens.

Lovely to be greeted by a little detail hiding around the corner like this!

Gorgeous symmetry and reflection in the marina is a delight to look at each day, and see how the sky looks different every time.

The lawn in front of the event center overlooking the Bay.

Some of the homes are a chic brownstone style that feel like they would fit in in Boston or New York!

A little gazebo perfectly perched overlooking the water and passing boats.


Our family walking path each morning and evening goes right along the bay and often features a few osprey sightings.



The walking trails I have already come to love so much and the sunlight that makes them look magical!



The beautifully groomed coomon areas fit the traditional colonial Virginia look perfectly!


There’s not a lot in the way of shops or stores yet, but the cute little Harborside Market has tea and coffee and all kinds of snacks and essentials. Plus a ton of charm!

A pavilion next to the marina is where they hold concerts and dances and seasonal family events with a great view! There is always a big turnout!


We feel like we have discovered a secret haven in this rather unknown and very under advertised little corner of Virginia waterfront!

Here is my inspiration challenge to you:

Find the beauty in wherever you are living right now. Is it the wild graffiti on concrete walls? The clean lines of an urban loft? The adorable fences of a suburban town? Or the rolling green of a rural retreat?

The fastest way to find happiness now is to find beauty in what you’re currently experiencing. Then note what you would like to change and start working toward it.

Sending you love and freedom beautiful, from our home to yours!


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