Best Christian Women’s Dating and Relationship Coach Advice




Best Dating Coach Advice for Single Christian Women

If you’re a young woman on the single Christian women’s dating and relationship scene, then chances are really good that you might feel like screaming or maybe like crying. Across the country and even across the world, this is what I find, and of course, I used to be one myself.

Young, single Christian women tell me the same things. Either, men are not asking women out at church, they’re not pursuing women well, or guys just aren’t asking them out.

They don’t know why, or maybe they are dating guys. people are asking them out but they’re not the kind of guys that they really see themselves clicking with or they can see themselves with for a lifetime. Maybe they’re dating someone and it’s going okay, it’s going well. And it’s exactly what they were longing for, for years. But for some weird reason, the strange sense of panic is setting in as potential commitment looms.

There’s all kinds of resources out there.Resources that are supposed to help you be able to navigate these murky waters. There’s well-intentioned friends, there’s well-intentioned married friends and single friends. There’s a very big difference in that kind of advice. There’s all kinds of books, there’s some new pastor with some great sermon series everyone’s talking about. But I’ll have that as just trendy advice or a lot of it’s based in personal bias and maybe even some woundedness on that person’s part.


God’s Will For You

How do you know what God’s will is for you in your dating life as you potentially proceed toward marriage? How do you navigate this crazy world and all this different input? Do you know you’re in the right place? Do you know what kind of intentional proactive action your call to take as a woman?

That is where the work that I do with young woman comes in. The clients that I have had over the years have had phenomenal success. Not only in their dating lives but toward marriage. There are a lot of dating coaches who often aren’t themselves married or counselors who aren’t married and that’s fabulous.

They may have a lot of brilliant wisdom but my purpose for my clients is for them to get the results that God wants them to have. And if they feel called toward marriage then, I want to tell them how I was able to get there. How I got through all of my fears, sorting through lots of different guys and wondering what is it that I was doing or doing wrong or doing right.

That’s my goal for my clients. And I have beautiful love letters from years later from the young woman who I helped. How I helped her storm through this mess, pick men of integrity, figure out what matters in a man. And how to identify that true character in the midst of a lot of kind of the posing that happens in the dating world. And to work through their own fears to really  be right with God, be before God and know that this is an anointed relationship they’re stepping into.


Let’s Chat!

So if that sounds like the kind of help and guidance that you would love, then, I would like to chat with you to support you in any way.

I do dating coaching but I do a lot of other things too. I really invite you to reach out to me and check out my website at And we’ll just hop on the phone or on Skype if you like. And have a quick chat about whether or not I can help you, whether or not you’re in a great spot for me to be able to work with you or just support you in other ways.

Either way, gorgeous I want you to know that you are okay right where you are. You’re safe, God sees you. He loves you unconditionally and he’s got you in his hands.


You might need to take proactive action to get to what he’s calling you toward. But he loves you exactly where you are right now. Be encouraged. Don’t give up.

If you would love to chat with me more, reach out to me through the contact form on my website God bless and I can’t wait to talk to you soon!


Love and Freedom to you, beautiful!




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